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About Asif aka "Ziff"


Asif's expressive, friendly, and genuine voice performance is colored with a unique energy that connects with his listener. For jobs of all kinds that require a natural British dialect, a pleasing tone, or a trustable persona, Asif is ready to bring your script to life  (e-learning, video games, commercials, narration, corporate videos, telephone systems, and more).

Asif can cover a wide range of voiceover types with a refined expressiveness, bringing an upbeat energy to your commercial copy and building a genuine connection behind prosaic or informational text. He is able to perform a variety of different British dialects, European accents, and character voices to suit the needs of your project. His extensive experience with technical and scientific jargon means he is able to undertake any script with understanding and clarity.


Asif knows how important it is to take your direction and deliver the flexibility and efficiency you need to share your story with clarity so that people will want to listen. Both professional and friendly, Asif is invested in making a connection with those he works with just as much as with their audience.


Working from a home studio custom-built to deliver crisp, high quality digital audio, Asif controls the recording process to meet his clients' needs. Recordings can be delivered in any digital format.


-  Neumann TL103 mic

-  Audient ID4 interface

-  Source Connect available for direct recording



 had the great pleasure of working with Asif Samad as his voiceover coach through Such a Voice for several months. He is a very strong talent, with good acting skills and great instincts.  He also takes direction extremely well.  Asif has a very marketable sound—a lovely British accent which is quite versatile.  He can go from Dudley Moore to Anthony Hopkins in the blink of an eye.  Intelligent, fun and very easy to work with... I would highly recommend Asif Samad to any voiceover client.”

- bonnie gilgallon, Such A Voice


 ith confidence and the utmost professionalism, Asif was able to bring a natural and believable delivery to each piece of copy. From convincing us to wake up with Gevalia coffee to painting a beautiful travel picture of Paris, he showcased his ability to create diversity in all of his reads. Asif has the know-how to focus on the job at hand. Simply a pleasure to work with in the recording session.


Asif Samad 

(AA-sif   suh-MAAD   [aka Ziff ]), prop. n. 

A native of London, England, Asif has called Raleigh, N. C., USA. his home for 25 years. His professional life has taken him from broadcast engineering at the BBC to B2B sales in the IT industry, but his talent for voice acting has provided him a new channel for his creative passion, finding and sharing nuance and expression and celebrating the power of words. Asif honed his craft with private voice coaching from Bonnie Gilgallon and Angela Castonguay as well as several years performing Improv.


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